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Child Care Centres

What's the Buzz? A practical resource to develop social skills and resilience
Mark Le Messurier, Teacher, Counsellor and Coach

For a variety of reasons, some children find it harder to think socially, develop socially and use their social tools suitably when it really counts. Early childhood settings and schools play a vital role to promote the wellbeing of children by deliberately developing their ‘social and emotional’ capabilities through the delivery of recognised and highly structured approaches.  This practical interactive workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to explore both resources - “What’s the Buzz? A social Skills Enriched Program for Primary Students” and “What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners”. It is an ideal opportunity for a team to attend to enhance the implementation of strategies in the school environment. It will include:

  • An exploration of  play-based lessons where students become immersed in a variety of essential relational skills and social dilemmas, stimulated by the experiences of a character named Archie
  • Activities to help children learn to become a better friend and a more flexible social thinker through activity, discussion, role-play, games and quizzes
  • Visual materials and tools designed to bring children together, including those who may be on the Autism Spectrum
  • Explicit strategies and guidance to help children to get along with one another and nurture friendships
  • Ways to model  targeted social skills and ideas to enrich your everyday interactions with children
  • Effective strategies to grow and sustain resilience
  • Framing ‘behaviour’ within a healthy social and emotional context.

More information about Mark Le Messurier can be found at marklemessurier.com.au


Event Date 07/08/2017 9:00 am
Individual Price $140.00
Presenter/s Mark Le Messurier, Teacher, Counsellor and Coach

Programs and Tools to use with Students with Disabilities 
Teressa Reschke, Special Education Consultant, Down Syndrome SA and Bronwyn Timko, Speech Pathologist

The workshop explores how to enrich learning experiences for all children including those who have a disability, developmental delay or those who are experiencing difficulties in learning. It is interactive with a practical focus and will include:

  • Early literacy strategies to support pre-reading and prewriting
  • Using social stories and visual supports to manage challenging behaviour
  • Effective use of ipads for pre-reading, pre-writing and social stories
  • Why children with limited verbal skills benefit from key word signing
  • Using key word signing to improve interactions for all children
  • Learning signs and gestures that can be incorporated into everyday activities.

This workshop is suitable for staff who are working in child care, preschool, kindergarten, early learning centre and primary schools across the three education sectors in South Australia. This includes child care workers, preschool staff, classroom teachers, special education coordinators and school assistants. It is an ideal opportunity for a team to attend to enhance the implementation of strategies in the learning environment.


Event Date 19/09/2017 9:00 am
Individual Price $140.00
Presenter/s Anne Squire and Teressa Reschke - Down Syndrome SA

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