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Mental Health & Education - 22 May 2017

Challenging Behaviour: Exploring how early attachment difficulties and trauma can affect brain development and learning
Bryan Jeffrey, Director, MOAT: Mental Health Service (Vic)

This workshop is suitable for a range of staff who are working in primary and secondary schools across the three education sectors in South Australia. This includes school and curriculum leaders, classroom teachers, special education coordinators, counsellors and wellbeing coordinators.

Bryan is a registered psychiatric nurse, and has been employed in a range of senior clinical positions in child, adolescent and adult mental health services in Scotland and Australia. He is currently the Director of MOAT: Mental Health Services Australia. Bryan is a passionate speaker who delivers keynote addresses at national conferences and workshops in the mental health area. He is also the author of “My Big Brain Book”, an educational resource that helps teens to understand the intricacies of brain chemistry and how to manage their feelings by adopting healthy living strategies.

Participants will be provided with information and strategies about:

  • How a child’s experience of attachment in the early years provides a template for ‘family’ and human interaction for the future
  • Trauma and its effect on the developing brain
  • The reasons for arousal, stress, anger and violence
  • Understanding and responding to challenging behaviour
  • What to do when students’ controlling, manipulative and attention seeking behaviours become inappropriate
  • Assisting students to understand and regulate their own behaviour
  • Developing a ‘whole school’ approach to understanding and responding to challenging behaviour. 


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Event Properties

Event Date 22/05/2017 9:00 am
Individual Price $140.00
Presenter/s Bryan Jeffrey, Director, MOAT: Mental Health Service (VIC)
Location The Highway

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