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Anne Squire – Supporting Students with Down syndrome, Intellectual Disability, Chromosomal Disorders and Developmental Delay
The workshop provided great examples which helps to see a range of different ways students work and contribute to school.
Lots of great strategies to take back to support my team.
Was great information, timely for the end of year and ready to transition with students.
Thank you to the young people with Down syndrome who served us - very much appreciated and such a wonderful mutually beneficial initiative.

Teressa Reschke and Bronwyn Timko – Early Years – 19 September
Great! Learnt lots today.
I liked the small groups, learning key word singing in daily life and social stories.

Nicole Eglinton and Liberty Gates – Primary and Secondary Classroom Teachers – 18 September
Extremely talented, positive speakers with obvious joy and passion for their work.
Probably the best PD day that I have been to.
Fabulous – surpassed all my expectations.
Lots of great ideas to use in the class by both teachers and SSOs which is great.
Very impressed with the experts that you were able to get for this workshop. I found the speakers to be excellent and of high quality!

Donna Cross – Student Wellbeing and Resilience – 11 September
Second time I’ve been to a Learning 4 All conference and always excellent.
Excellent – well worth the overnight stay/travel to get here.
Donna was fantastic – friendly, approachable, a wealth of information. Particularly liked the reference to so many current studies.
Fantastic and practical. It was great to have evidence based research presented.

Joanna Buttfield – Special Education and Primary School Teachers – 28 August
Able to understand the background to specific behaviours, which was purposeful in helping me develop strategies to support these behaviours.
Very practical focus with well-chosen content. Excellent balance of theory and practice.
I’ve now got specific skills, strategies and information to use in my classroom with my children that need the extra support.

Karyn Carson – Special Education and Primary School Teachers – 15 August
Karyn was very interesting and provided relevant information. This has confirmed by believes about successful teaching.
Great to have links and things to explore.
Great to see videos of strategies.
Karyn was very generous with sharing knowledge and resources.
I was hooked the entire day.

Liberty Gates – School Assistants – 14 August
Came away from it with lots of useful ideas, strategies and resources which is exactly what I was looking for.
Such a good overview of learning disorders. It was explained in an easy to understand way.
Well-balanced mix of theory and practical. Videos were entertaining and valuable to see how to implement and use resources.
Liberty was clear, energetic and I loved the clips of her activities with her children.
One of the best training days I’ve attended. Loved her positive, bubbly presentation. Lots of great ideas.

Mark LeMessurier – Early Years and Primary – 7 August
It was an excellent day and I went away with lots of extra strategies to add to my ‘backpack’.
A very engaging and insightful learning experience that has enabled me to reflect on my own practice while learning about the ways I can reach every child in my care.
The day went fast with the beautiful way Mark took us into detail linking things together in his stories and games. Loved the workshop immensely.

Joanna Buttfield and Helen Broomhall – Special Education and Primary – 31 July
Great information about regulation. It provided a great lense for me to see my ‘difficult’ children through.
I work with a variety of ages and so I especially liked the modification of activities to be age appropriate but at the developmental level.
Good range of practical strategies which are actually workable in the classroom environment.
A worthwhile PD. Great to share ideas with colleagues at the table.

Mark LeMessurier – Primary, Secondary and Special Ed – 26 June
A wonderful day which reminds us of the importance of relationships and knowing our young people.
Great balance of in-depth overview information and practical strategies for implementation.
It provided clear and understandable definitions and strategies as well as providing insight into the latest research on these types of students.
Great use of current research, clear logical ideas and strategies to support staff and students.
A great workshop that has covered some controversial topics that are current in today’s political climate. Like that it was content driven. I feel I’ve learnt so much!

Karyn Carson – Early Years – 30 May
Awesome details and links. Was affirming to see familiar researchers and studies.
Very interactive and Karyn was responsive to group goals.
Thoroughly enjoyed the content delivered as well as the relevant SA based research to back up significance.
Loved the practical ideas and tasks to use in the classroom.

Jane Jarvis – Secondary Classroom and Special Education Teachers – 29 May
Well organized and run. Good balance on theory and a little update on current statistics on demographics of students in today’s classrooms.
I always think that the Learning 4 All workshops are useful.
I have found this engaging and highly beneficial to my professional learning.
Excellent – Great realistic strategies that can be implemented straight away.

Bryan Jeffrey - Mental Health and Education - 22 May
Thanks so much! This is one of the best, most practical PD sessions that I have been to!
Well presented, interesting and informative. Bryan delivered the heavy material in a light, entertaining, engaging way.
Bryan was very knowledgeable and explained things really well that made it easy to understand.
Easy to listen to! So informative and it exceeded my expectations.
Bryan was very engaging and personable, friendly and knowledgeable. Amazing!

Jane Jarvis – Primary Classroom and Special Education Teachers – 16 May
Jane is an excellent presenter, very informative.
Excited to try new strategies tomorrow. It's made me think about my planning and lessons.
I loved breaking down differentiation and being allowed to reflect on my practice.

Joanna Buttfield – School Assistants – 15 May
Wonderful to have relevant to the point info and to leave with a game plan that doesn’t need 101 new things.
Being able to work on a specific case from our work was great.
Engaging presenter full of practical ideas.
It’s really good to be able to take valuable info back to the workplace to share.

Liberty Gates – Early Years – 1 May
I have never left training and development with so many ideas.
The information was delivered in a concise and timely manner with practical ideas in order for us to use and be instrumental in the child’s learning journey.
This session was extremely valuable and a great use of professional learning time.

Joanna Buttfield and Helen Broomhall – Early Years – 3 April
Best workshop I have ever done.
Sessions were an excellent balance of theory and practical ideas and strategies.
The combination of theory, videos, hands on written work, group activities were all fantastic (and kept my engine running).
Presenters were great. Very well presented. Would recommend it to others.

Mark LeMessurier – Special Education information Session – 20 March
Incredibly productive with lots of strategies to take back to school.
A fantastic workshop with lots of practical useful information and skills. Empowering of us too!
Very refreshing, revisiting old ideas, gaining new ideas. A battery recharge!

Joanna Buttfield – Early Years – 6 March
Great practical ideas from a presenter who showed good understanding of classroom limitations.
Absolutely amazing session filled with very useful and relevant information.
It has provided me with wonderful strategies to use at my site and share with my staff.

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