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A copy of our Learning 4 All brochure is available HERE.

Learning 4 All works in partnership with Down Syndrome SA (DSSA) to provide resources and publications about the development and education for children and adults with additional learning needs. Education kits and guides are available to purchase covering areas such as literacy, maths, behaviour management, transition to different levels of schooling, early intervention, and motor skills.


Our internationally renowned ‘Right to Know’ (RTK) program is a whole of life learning framework covering topics related to friendship, sexuality and personal safety designed for people with intellectual disabilities. Its purpose is to provide structured learning of the life skills essential for personal wellbeing, dignified social and community engagement, and the development of independence. The RTK framework has been developed for adaptation to an individualised program to address the goals, prior knowledge and skills of each individual.

RTK units can be purchased separately, or in conjunction with training and/or consultancy. Consultants can support your site in helping students with an Intellectual Disability to develop the social skills necessary for a fulfilling social life across their entire life.

Other publications available are:

  • 1,2,3 of Cooking
  • Australasian Dictionary of Sign
  • Behaviour Support 2nd Edition
  • Boundary Training
  • Reading 'Getting Started' Book (includes Literacy Record)
  • Spell to Write Kits - 'Getting Started' and 'Moving On' (includes Spell to Write Manual)
  • Maths and Money Skills (Manual Book & Resource USB)

Please click HERE to download an order form. Click HERE for a copy of the Publications Catalogue

To enquire about Right To Know training or consultancy contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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